gloWithin is an initiative dedicated to encourage the practice of mindfulness among adults, youth and children, to improve their wellbeing regardless of religion, race and gender.

Teng Yan

Psychology & Engineering, Stanford University, USA | Master in Education, Roehampton University, UK

Teng Yan is a co-founder of gloWithin and a compassionate educator who enjoys facilitating self-discovery and mindfulness for children, youths and adults. She has served as a principal of a family education programme, conference speaker, and trainer for teachers, parents and professionals. She is grateful for the mindfulness journey of more than 10 years as it unfolds into greater acceptance, confidence and peace within herself. She is dedicated to support others to connect with themselves and discover the joy of mindfulness.

  • She is trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum to teach mindfulness to students (only include this in proposals when I need to approach schools)
  • Inspired and uplifted to see the participants discovering themselves and changing over time.
  • Passionate about supporting people to find themselves
  • As just how I was given a chance to practice/learn. Lifelong discovery, unfolding.
  • Trust and appreciation. Confidence, strength, gratitude, acceptance
  • When we teach others, we teach ourselves

Mean Yeit

Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Imperial College London, UK | Master in Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University, USA | Certified Coach

Mean Yeit is a co-founder of gloWithin, Executive Coach, and Healthcare Business Consultant with an Insurance Company. He is an avid mindfulness practitioner of more than 10 years. Through gloWithin, he has been sharing & designing programmes to engage individual and small groups based on his own journey of self-discovery.

 “It touches me deeply whenever I see mindfulness brings out our very own wisdom to address emotional blind spots & personal challenges that tie us down for a long time”.

Tan Kok Fuh

Physics, University Malaya, Malaysia | Postgraduate Course for Teaching

Armed with over 15 years of teaching experience, Kok Fuh enjoys working with children and currently teaches at a primary school. Learning mindfulness has helped him to not only understand more about himself and become a better person, it has also helped him to understand and relate to his students better. Having benefited from mindfulness, Kok Fuh is passionate to share about mindfulness with others and believes that teaching is a great opportunity to practise what has been learned, show gratitude and provide support to those who may need it.


Cindy Chew

Mathematics & Economics, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK | Certified Transformative Coach

An advocate for mental health & social sustainability, Cindy is passionate in creating a safe space for people to discover themselves and embrace their true potential. She is grateful for the practice of mindfulness as it has given her the space to begin to accept herself, and ride life’s waves with authenticity, courage and openness. With a lighter and freer mind, she is inspired to learn, share and grow with others in a meaningful way.

We are grateful to our gloWithin team advisors, who have practiced mindfulness for many years, and share with us a depth of insight, compassion and understanding.


Overall I feel much more energised in my experience! I have more energy… [and can] release and focus that energy in a positive way. All the expanded awareness…was very enlightening.

Euclid Moon

Engineer, California, A Cup of Mindfulness

This camp is quite special. Not only the children get taught, but also the parents get taught. So it’s a win-win situation for teenagers and adults. So you should come because it’s really worth the trip for the family.

Leon Lim Ching Zheng

High School Student, Singapore, Family Bonding & Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness is …a very very good aspect in life that we need to incorporate so that we become more holistic. Today’s experience was an eye-opener obviously. It has opened up a world of possibilities. This experience actually allowed me to be aware of different ways of knowing myself. First, be aware, and also to apply that awareness in our day-to-day lives, in problem-solving, in resolving private issues [and in] understanding ourselves better.

Jason Chin

Kuala Lumpur, A Cup of Mindfulness

I came to know this workshop through Teng Yan. She has been faithfully reminded me for the past 2 over years. I have an active toddler, living with an elderly mum, in-law. My husband travelled in and out for work sometimes. There is always a lot going on in my life. And, I realized that when I take the time to come to workshop like this, that helps through everything. I have learnt that trying to control outside e.g people, ”he should do this, he should do that”, it usually doesn’t help. Actually, it never helps. But when I bring awareness to myself, practice self-compassion and mindfulness and that helps everything, which is pretty amazing! It is because I only focus on me, I stop putting the attention on the outside world, and simply putting attention on myself, being present, it helps with everything. So, this workshop was a wonderful break-out, beautiful location, very calm. Excellent relaxing guided meditation. It has been wonderful. It is a reminder that we can always change what is happening outside of us. And, we can always bring it back to ourselves, and be there at present, kind compassion. It always flows out. It is amazing. I can tell on a morning, I just got up, rushed, it is a very very stressful day. It could be the exact same morning, if I were to slow down and a bit more mindful, then it makes everything easier. And also, mindfulness has really helped me to cope everyday’s juggling and expectation. Those things around me, they don’t change and always there. And Extra stresses can happen sometimes. But, When I take time to pause and come to this amazing workshop, it really helps with everything. Thank you gloWithin, it is awesome.

Raidah Shah Idil

Kuala Lumpur, A Cup of Mindfulness

Daughter: I actually had learnt a lot from all the facilitators and they’ve taught me really well. Last time, my mum and I didn’t really work out very well because she didn’t really understand me and I didn’t really understand her. But once you all have taught me, I had the courage to tell her everything, so now we are actually okay and fine. It was fun and very nice. I learnt a lot and I am looking forward for more camps.

Mother: I would like to thank Glowthin for having this retreat. I think it is fabulous. Well done, good job! [gloWithin] has activities that made us even closer and we are more opened up! I can see the bond [between] me and my elder [daughter]. I can see the difference. Thank you so much!

Angeline Sim and daughter Laetitia Mae-ve Tan, age 13

Kuala Lumpur, Family Bonding and Mindfulness Retrea

I’ve learnt so much. I wish I’ve learnt mindfulness at kindergarten.

I have applied it in many aspects of my life and I found it to be so beneficial. First, I learnt to understand myself and then it also improved my relationship with my family members and even in my work [as a doctor], I find I am more sensitive and able to help my patients better.

 (After another retreat) We feel so grateful to the GloWithin team! If you read on our [gloWithin] Teachers’ profile, [they’re] so impressive, with multiple degrees from top world universities. Yet they are so humble. They really make the kids interested in mindfulness. Sometimes things like mindfulness, [it’s] good to let the experts teach our kids so they start on the right footing.”

Daughter: I learnt a lot from this camp and they taught me how to be mindful, aware and also relax and stay calm. So I really applied that to my examinations … I take deep breaths, I can actually excel better.

Mother: Remember your Chinese exams just after the camp? You improve by 20 points…it’s pretty amazing! And relationship with your brother and friends?

Daughter: Also improved!

Dr Kua Lay Cheng, Doctor, and her daugher Kiew Yen Hui, age 12

Penang, Family Bonding and Mindfulness Retreat

Before I joined this mindfulness workshop, I actually went through a big crisis in my life. I was very depressed and I was down, and I was looking for ways how to get out [from] all my problems. So, my senior actually introduced me this workshop, so the first session that I joined, I just feel like, ok, can I do? Just sit there? Just focusing on yourself? What is so special? So I just told myself it is okay since I’m here, I just try. So after the first session, one thing is so amazing. I found inner peace! My headache that was like following me for months, gone. I just feel like, oh, it is really good! I started to practise. At first, I couldn’t be still or sit still. And. All the troubles, all the problems keep coming back, all the thoughts, all the memories, and I feel depressed, I feel sad and I cry, then slowly I practise the things I learnt from the workshop. I learnt how to observe my feeling, how to be aware. I was just noting my feeling everything. Seeing thing come and go, seeing the feeling come and go. And ya, I actually focus in my life more, on myself more, I feel very good, I feel like ah….. I feel so relaxed, so happy. I started to tell my family members, my parents how good it is. And I learn how to accept myself, how I feel whether it is sadness, happiness and all, I try to accept, seeing things come and go. So I really feel a lot calmer, I found inner peace and I’m very happy about all this.

Lam Wai Seen

Kuala Lumpur, A Cup of Mindfulness

What I benefited most was regarding the feelings and the thoughts. We are all aware of emotions and feelings that we don’t like. (We) convince ourselves or rationalise it – “it shouldn’t bother me so much”….and still it bothers you. From today, there is one take-home that there is another technique that I can try – mindful of the feelings and emotions. Something I need to try!

M.Luqman Watanabe

Engineer, Seremban, Stop, Breathe and Be Mindful workshop

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