Path to Peace and Wellbeing

Embrace the fullness of life through mindfulness and kindness.

Deepen Your Relationship to Life

gloWithin engages adults in mindfulness and self-discovery. Calmness brought about by mindfulness is the beginning. The clarity of mindfulness paves the foundation for lifelong self-discovery. Not only does mindfulness trains our minds to be clear and focused, it can bring positive changes in vital aspects of our life – work, family, relationship & personal development.

Do you know why challenges are called “stress” to you?

Mindfulness deepens our capacity to understand ourselves. As self-understanding deepens, we begin to have the courage to challenge our limiting beliefs, question our stressful perceptions & change unhelpful patterns that plague our life and relationships. Inner confidence, joy, & wisdom are the results.

Explore our mindfulness-based programmes with varying themes:

  • Live the Life You Want
  • Bring Mindfulness into Daily Life
  • Uncovering Perceptions
  • Handle difficult emotions with mindfulness and kindness
  • Strengthen relationships at work and with family



gloWithin offers a breadth of programmes in various formats to fit your interest and schedule:

  • Workshops and courses: 2-hour, half-day, 1-day or 2-day
  • Coaching: Individual or small group coaching
  • Retreats: Consecutive multi-day programmes

We offer sessions suitable for beginners, as well as for experienced practitioners familiar with mindfulness to deepen the practice.



Mindfulness invites genuine change from within

Experience the freedom of inner balance. Engage meaningfully in life.

Find yourself.
Be at peace with yourself.

Coming-of-age can be challenging, with pressure from school, family and friends. Our Youth Programme empowers youth with the essential skill of mindfulness to discover themselves and thrive during trying times.


True confidence comes from inner clarity and balance.

Understand yourself, and you will rise to your fullest potential. Scientific studies show that mindfulness enhances confidence and wellbeing in teens. Through mindfulness, youth learn how to tune into their personal strengths and awareness.


For Secondary School, College and University Students, and Young Adults:

Mindfulness can unleash our youth’s potential to succeed in school and in life. The youth learns mindfulness as an essential life-skill for wellbeing and resilience.

 We offer interactive mindfulness workshops and outreach at schools and colleges with practical tips suited for youth. Mindfulness can be helpful to youths in:

  • Developing attentiveness to the present moment
  • Discovering your passion, unleashing innate potential
  • Enhancing self-understanding
  • Facing difficulties with awareness, kindness and resilience
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Managing stress and handling family expectations

Transformative Teens and Parents Retreat

Our Transformative Parent-Teen Retreat invite youths and their parents to connect with each other. Embark on a journey of inner transformation and mutual understanding. Foster communication and clarify expectations. Parents and teens reconnect with each other through mindfulness, kindness and acceptance.

Children and Families

Creative Exploration & Mindful Discovery

Develop confidence. Build character. Grow together.

Mindfulness matters.

Mindfulness helps children grow up well. Research shows that mindfulness supports children to:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Develop attention and focus
  • Understand and manage emotions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Develop empathy

Creative fun.
Meaningful exploration.

Our Children Mindfulness Programme guides children to learn mindfulness through fun and engaging activities. Laughter rings out as the children explore mindfulness through their five senses. Discovering mindfulness through hands-on games, arts, stories and mindful movements can be so much fun. The children ask us for more!


    Children and Parents Mindfulness Workshop

    Our Children and Parents Mindfulness workshop bring together parents and children to learn the essential life skill of mindfulness. We introduce mindfulness and how mindfulness could help the children at school and at home. At the same time, the programme support parents to foster mindful presence and mindful parenting, encourage understanding of their children, foster bonding to improve parent-child relationship and nurture mutual love.


    Building Relationships
    Unleashing Potential
    Reaching Excellence Together

    We are passionate to support people to unleash their potential from within through mindfulness. Through mindfulness-based training & coaching, we work with your organisation to enhance awareness, promote well-being and build relationships. At organisations, mindfulness-based training can positively impact upon:

    • Improving focus with enhanced performance
    • Reducing stress and fostering resilience
    • Strengthen teamwork and building relationships

    gloWithin partners with your organisation to understand your unique needs. We engage through mindfulness, offering a variety of programmes, including corporate trainings and small group/individual coaching, ranging from lunch talks, half-day or full-day sessions, or multi-week trainings. We also draw upon our in-depth mindfulness experiences to tailor dedicated mindfulness engagement programmes.

    We work with corporate trainers and motivational speaker to deliver mindfulness-inspired organisational training programmes. Connect with us about our organisational programmes, or ask us about customising a programme for your organisation.

    Our Clientele

    Propelled by our belief that mindfulness can be practised by all, gloWithin has engaged mindfulness with diverse partners: corporations, hospitals, colleges and universities, NGOs and community organisations. Reach out to us if you are interested to explore collaboration options.

    Here are some of our Partners:

    • Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur
    • Asian Banking School
    • Black Swan Asia, Singapore
    • Berjaya University College of Hospitality
    • Buddhist Gem Fellowship
    • D’Home Mental Health Association, Penang
    • Dignity for Children Foundation
    • Fatimah Hospital, Ipoh
    • HRnetOne
    • Hong Leong Foundation ROAR Education Development Programme
    • Ideagen Malaysia
    • KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre
    • Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society
    • SOLS Health
    • Solar Academy for Innovations
    • Sunway University
    • Nottingham Buddhist Society (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus)
    • Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

    What you seek is seeking you

    ~ Rumi More words of wisdom

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